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Marianne Tonjes 

ESS Consultant 
Education Support Services Group

Cell: (714) 907-3634


Marianne Tonjes has more than 30 years’ experience in a variety of education and HR-related positions.  She has served the educational community starting as a personnel analyst and then as an instructor for an MBA program.  She went on to become a lead college instructor, developing curriculum and instructing students in organizational psychology/human resources.  She is currently retired from the position of Executive Director for CODESP.  Ms. Tonjes oversaw a self-supporting JPA of over 750 public organizations, including school districts, college districts, cities, counties, transit agencies, utilities, ports, airports, water and sanitation districts, public health and superior courts to provide human resource services including training, recruitment, employee selection materials, software tools, HR consultation, and services to assist customers in the recruitment, assessment, selection, and management of employees at conferences and through social media.

She has also performed consulting in classification, recruiting, and job description writing. Additionally, she served as a year-long Director of a Downtown Business District, working closely with a municipal government.

Ms. Tonjes holds a bachelor’s degree in public administration and geography – planning and development, having graduated with honors from California State University, Chico.  She also holds a master’s degree in public policy and administration-personnel management from California State University, Long Beach.

Ms. Tonjes enjoyed professional memberships in several organizations, including the International Personnel Assessment Council; Personnel Testing Council; Western Regional Intergovernmental Assessment Council; the International Personnel Management Association-Human Resources; and the Southern California Personnel Management Association.

She served in community organizations such as AYSO, Boy Scouts, and Kiwanis.  She also attended the Huntington Beach Police and Mission Viejo’s Sheriff’s Department Academies, the Huntington Beach Citizens Academy-City Administration, and Mission Viejo CEPA (CERT) program.

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