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The Education Support Services Consulting Group was designed to assist and support AALRR’s attorneys in providing specialized services that can address needs of their client districts. The consulting group has, or is currently working in, districts throughout California in addressing public, procedural or management issues facing school districts and community colleges. The experts within this group include successful former superintendents and school district administrative leaders. ESS offers the following services:



Our executive search services are customized to meet district needs surrounding superintendent, deputy/assistant superintendent, Chief Business Official, and other senior cabinet-level positions. The ESS difference includes:

  • A Board-centric process, with trustees taking a major role in directing the search.

  • A tiered structure facilitated via four phases – Engagement, Activation, Selection and Transition (EAST)

  • Alignment of tasks and interactions to Board interests and preferences.

  • Ability to modify respective timelines and activities to meet district priorities, needs, scheduling opportunities, and/or constraints.

  • Utilization of existing district resources/staff (as appropriate) to expedite the search process and reduce costs.

  • Ongoing communication surrounding the progress of the search provided to all trustees.

  • Board member access to all applications.

  • Ability to embed ESS search contract into district’s existing legal contract with AALRR.

  • Flexible fee structure based on the scope of work and depth of engagement and phases desired by the Board.

  • A bridge to AALRR legal counsel to assist the Board in drafting the employment contract.



Image consulting, crisis management, negotiations support, PR/reputation management:

  • Review of existing communication tools, with recommendation for enhancements through technology, content, style or readability.

  • Board strategies in identification of key issues, timing, and appropriate responses that impact target audiences.

  • Strike support team in all aspects of strike communication, based on experience in multiple teacher strikes.

  • Composition of crisis communication on any topic that disrupts the educational program, as well as assistance in composing difficult messages that can minimize escalation or contain issues in a crisis. Preparation of “comfort words” for those who must speak on delicate matters or in situations with legal constraints.

  • Survey question development and cost-effective processes in any type of opinion-gathering activity related to decision making or preliminary planning of important issues. This includes validity, as well as timing, and other practical considerations, with recommendations based on experience in marketing research over the past 30 years. 

  • General PR/image-building activities or evaluation of existing conditions, with goal setting for practical improvements.



Board/superintendent relations, governance, superintendent evaluations, leadership coaching, interim administrative assignments:

  • Conduct workshops focusing on how the superintendent and board members can work successfully to govern the district's responsibilities, agreeing on a code of conduct, identification of goals and priorities, and superintendent evaluation process.

  • Provide interim administrative placement in senior-level management positions.

  • Provide executive mentoring and coaching for newly appointed superintendents, assistant superintendents, as well as current administrators.



Review and provision of district budget and fiscal analysis:

  • Revenue and expenditures

  • Deficit spending

  • Cash flow analysis

  • Personnel and benefit costs

  • Debt analysis

  • Negotiation preparation

  • Fact-finding preparation

  • Provide fact-finding panel members


Interest-based bargaining (IBB), administrative coaching, negotiation preparation:

  • Participate as administrative trainer for IBB training

  • Facilitate IBB negotiations

  • Coaching/mentoring administrative staff

  • Review and audit personnel practices 

  • Interim placements

  • Addressing employee performance



Provide support personnel to assist districts in all areas of special education: 

  • Program evaluation and development

  • Professional development

  • ADR Support

  • Support for Common Core

  • Interim placements

  • Special education audits

  • Expert witness

  • Coaching/mentoring




ESS offers additional workshops in all areas, including: 

  • Communication

  • Team Building 

  • Values and Ethics

  • Conflict Management

  • Managing Change

  • Decision Making/Problem Solving

  • FRISK Framing the Message

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