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The Education

Support Services

Consulting Group

Serving TK-14 leaders with procedural and management issues facing school districts in complex times.



ESS provides expertise from consultants with experience in the hallways and trenches of school districts across the country. From budget issues to labor crises, from controversies among Board members to parent/taxpayer conflicts, ESS provides the backgrounding, coaching, and strategies to manage and master the multiple demands and potential issues that face the leadership of school and community college districts throughout the state.


ESS serves governing Board members, district and school administrators, and AALRR attorneys that serve public or private education and charter school clients. Consulting on professional practices that enhance leadership recruitment, management practices and public image, ESS consultants are intellectual and strategic resources, as well as hands-on advisors, supporting practical, procedural, and programmatic matters of school districts.




ESS launched in 2006 to provide solutions for school issues that were linked, but not dependent upon, legal support. While providing legal services to their clients, AALRR attorneys identified gaps in school district operational issues. For some, information that would be helpful to the district was unavailable. Some districts needed specific professional development for staff, Boards, and administrators. Some would benefit significantly from actual hands-on help due to vacancies or sudden workloads that created tensions and backlogs. Some needed leadership recruitment help. Because of their broad-based network, the firm was able to identify specific professionals with demonstrated skills in various areas of need. With them, the firm could provide consulting expertise that, with law firm oversight, could address district needs for long-term solutions. As a result, ESS was formalized as an a non-attorney team working with AALRR's Education Law Practice Groups. These consultants make themselves “first responders” to management crises in serious school issues, or valuable intellectual and pragmatic resources, coaches and problem-solvers that assist in delivering effective school management in these complicated times.


Today, ESS consultants are serving as trusted advisors to enhance and support organizational development, administrative systems, and operational practices and procedures throughout the state.  



The Education Support Services Consulting Group provides governing boards, superintendents, senior management teams, school districts and community colleges with a comprehensive menu of services. The divisions of service include: Executive Search Services; Leadership and Governance; Curriculum and Instruction; Human Resource Management; Special Education and Business and Fiscal Services. Learn more...

Employing a Superintendent of Schools is the single most important function and role of a Governing Board. The experience can be highly problematic and a time filled with worry, anxiety, and confusion.


Contracting with Education Support Services to assist our Board in recruiting and employing a Superintendent was an excellent decision. ESS made certain the process belonged to the Board rather than consultants who would not have to live and work with the final selection. Our Board was in full control of every step in the selection process.

ESS staff listened to our Board and presented applicants for consideration who shared the characteristics we deemed essential.

I heartily recommend ESS to any governing board facing recruitment and selection of a Superintendent of Schools. ESS delivers on its commitment to the Board!

Dr. Duane Dishno, Board Member

Huntington Beach Union High School District



Co-Managing Director, ESS, Suzette Lovely

Co-Managing Director, ESS, Richard Tauer


12800 Center Court Drive, Suite 300, Cerritos, CA 90703​

Tel:  562.653.3200


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